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Reviews for "Chinese Dance Machine 2- F-777"

cheaked it out for you

I came to cheak out your work like i said i would as you checked out mine.
anyway you have a good talent here with the whole chiese thing. I liked it. great stuff. i don't see why you should not make a third if you have the right stuf for it.

F-777 responds:

thanks man.

Damn entertaining, very fluent!

You have some very impressive sounds and licks here. I especially love what you did with that beginning stringed instrument. I also love the flute you're using, what sounds are these and where did you get them?!

The song flows very well, and it truly has a very oriental feel to it, very appropriate, and very entertaining! Simply wonderful!

A quick question, that synth you have at 1:32 onwards, did you use a filter on that, and then automate it? If so, which parameter did you change? Frequency pass? Just wondering, any tips would be quite welcome!

In any case, I don't have much else to say, being inept in this genre, I can not offer you any advice, only my support! Keep up the good fight and keep em coming!

F-777 responds:

Well i just surfed the interent and collected some .sf2 files and edited them. I can't remember where i got the flute though. And yes i used quite a few filters in this song. There are about 30 different automations or somthing.

Thanks for the review.

Good but Stick to what was good and improve it

The original was good. The problem with sequel is that peaople who make them don't know why the first one. But you kinda did. Anyway make a thrid I love your work. Oh can it be Japanese Dance machine intsead or something. :O

F-777 responds:

Well i will make a third with original element and second element and a third added one =D.

I dunno about the japenese dance machine though...

Thanks for the review.


I think the first 1 was better :)
But thats mine opinion
You have to make a 3rd one :D
5/5 (still) ^^

F-777 responds:

Expect the third one sometime soon =D.

Thanks for the review.


this is much better than anything i could even dream of doing, i think this is the best song on Newgrounds u PWN !!!!!!! i hope that we can keep a good bond and that we can share knowledge in the future. wow that song is the best!!!!

F-777 responds:

Wow thanks man glad you liked it =D.