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Reviews for "Chinese Dance Machine 2- F-777"

a third one? sure!

make a third to even get one better than this it would be a challenge

5/5 10/10

This is better than the first one!

You managed to make a remix of one of the best musics in NG... improving it!



please make a 3rd one, same style like the first one but much longer please :)
i realy realy like the first version :D

still.. 5/5 10/10


Being described as "fantabulo-scrumtuous" is considered quite an honor in the culture of the magi ;).

Anyway, of course you should make a third...duh, cause I can't get enough of the last two, even though the first one is so darn short :P.

At any rate, I like how you introduce the old melody in the beginning, and bring it in throughout the song, yet make it a different song..I say (you are already planning it I know it) no matter what throw in the melody at some point of each chinese dance machine, even if the entire song's melody is different ; P.

Taking A Bow,

F-777 responds:

Lol thanks. Ya im making a lot of plans for number 3! I will be sure to pm you when its finished =D.

OMG THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it. Long without being too repeative and a great use of chinese instuments in a modern track. I would say more if I was able to focus on the positive and not only the negative (which there is no of in this track). Anyway this is much better than the first one and and that shandu guys remix. It's just great work and I would love a third one (though I can't imagine this to be better than it is now)

F-777 responds:

Awesome thanks for the review!

I am planning for a third one but it will be hard cause i want to try to make it better then this and number 1 =D.

Thanks again!