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Reviews for "Chinese Dance Machine 2- F-777"


This one is very good but the first one is so much better. Can you make the third one very epic sounding and have less bass.

much <3 I love the idea though

F-777 responds:

Thanks for the review.

I will see what i can do for the third.

Dammit all to hell!

Just when I finished making DDR steps for your original, you make a better one.

You confuse the cow Y.Y

Great job on the song. ^_^
Now I gotta make a new stepchart. T.T

All my stars are belong to j00.

F-777 responds:

Lol thanks. =D


thats awesome, never knew u lived in china :P but anyway

yeah the song kicked ass mate it had a very happy feeling to it as well but it was an awesome dance tune, the instruments u used were well selected, good stuff mate

F-777 responds:

ya i live in China. But im not chinese.

Thanks for the review.


I live in China too,so if I were you,i'd mix flutes,strings,proboly a few of the most classic Chinese instruments and whoop it up with something more electric,till then....Respect bro.

P.S I live in Hong Kong =o

F-777 responds:

Oh cool you live in China too. =D

Except hong kong is much different then the rest of China, they speak cantonese chinese there and stuff right? Also it goes by the British law? And lots of people speak English there right? Oh well i dont really know my dad and my sister went there cause my sister had a bone infection from getting scratched by a dying cat...

I am...

Currently living: Kunming and have been living here for - 1 year 4 months
Used to live: Canada city of edmonton - Then Shanghai for - 1 year 6 months
Places iv been: about 14 different cities in U.S.A. Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket", and Indonesia (Nice resort there it was too dangerous to go into the actual city for foreignors at that time).
Cities in China i have been too: Shanghai, Kunming, Qingdao, Xi'an, Meng Shi, Da li, and a bunch of others that i forgot there names...

Iv been to all those places and im 14...wow didnt realise iv been to so many places. Also my dad is thinking of taking me and my family somewhere in Russia for a vacation just to see what its like there.

Anyways thanks man for the 10/10 and time for your review. =D

An Excellent Remake

+ Longer
+More Ambient

-A little too toned down in the end
-Not quite as electronic sounding

But it was great still!! Make a third please - I will be looking forward to it! (Make the 3rd one more electronic sounding if possible)

Btw, do you listen to Chinese music?

F-777 responds:

Thanks man! And yes i see what you mean by more electronic...third one is going to kill me cause i have to make better then number 1 and 2.

And lol no i dont really listen to Chinese music i just live in China and sometimes you hear it, although China is much more modern now every so often you can hear Chinese Traditional music playing from some stores. So i basically made a tune and tried making it sound Chinese, though i dont know if i did it well or not.

Anyways third one im planning too,

1. Make a really good chinese sounding intro, maybe some chinese sounding piano, with different pan flutes and everything.
2. Really make it different then number 1 and 2, but still with the number 1 electronic feel.
3. Make it 4 or 5 minutes long...
4. Using as many different instruments in background as possible so it doesnt sound repetitive.

Anyways thanks for your time to review this, and to everyone else thank you.
I dont have time to respond to all the reviews right now but i will try later.

Thanks again everyone for your support. =D