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Reviews for "Chinese Dance Machine 2- F-777"


can you make a japanese one PLZ


really good, but to we honest i liked the first one more


Number one... how old are you?
Number two.... did you know australia has the highest ratio of ravers per population ANY WHERE.

Number three.. i love your music
Mumber four... Make more
Number five... move to Perth, Australia and i will set you up with the dj crowd here
Number six, Buy a vinyl maker... burn this kinda stuff onto vinyls and sell it... i'm a amatuer dj and i would happily pay 50AUD for a double sided vinyl with this and another peice of your work...

You are a prodigy... i wanna see more drum and bass tho.....

Great as usual....

please make a three?

be nice. admittedly, the first one sounded better for this melody, the change from strings to flute is nice. simply put, keep going. a third dance machine and maybe another string of "Chinese Dance" songs? please?

Not as good as the 1st one!

The 1st one had better rythm!