Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"

u rock

keep makin more ur stuff roks i wish i could do stuff that good if i could do any thing at all

I think you actually. . .

Improved your skills with this flash. In the last one the pictures were real jagged, especially when T2 turned into the van. But in this one, the pictures are cleaner and well done. People still don't understand that this is your style and of course they will attempt to bring you down with their ignorant comments, but this is good and the best you have done.


cool....love the whole series

This is helluva funny!

What a way to end this trilogy! a class piece of comedy, sucka! I pity the fool who hates this! Good show, buddy!

ya gotta love it

GOod work buddy! screw all those fuckers who say you suck. its the humour that counts, and man is their humour. i havnt even watched it yet and im laughing...