Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Unicron Part III"


Great ending to another chapter in the Mr. T saga! Excellent work!

damn good

i don't care what ppl say, every Mr.T Pug movie is awesome! KEEP EM COMIN!

YOu've done it again..!

Great great great! Action packed, humourous, amazing. Loved it. MORE!


this was awesome ! MR T RULES !! A TEAM RULES !!! lol . Oh and to that kiona_99 guy , I AM CANADIAN !!!!! MOST OF US FUCKIN HATE DBZ !!!! I HATE DBZ !!! ALL MY FREINDS AND FAMILY HATE DBZ !!!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU FUCK WIT CANADA MOTHER FUCKER !!!!!!!! . hahaha sorry got a little upset there thats all , but we canadians arnt dbz freaks .

its better then the rest

some people like to bitch and wine that nothing good for them i love the mr t vs i made a dvd out of them and watch them all day long but people them damn canda people have to bitch coz it not dragin ball z type flash so i got a message MRT PUG KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SIR