Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"

There is more to Rei than meets the eye...

...If you watch the DVD extra "The Mythology of Evangelion" on Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Volume 5, you will find out a whole bunch of stuff that you would have never known.


seeing you demean the best anime series in the world is the best and personally i used to be attracted to Rei but thanks for knocking some sense into me


Actually makes me smile, giggle, and even laugh. Considering I am a rather intense Evangelion admirer, own the Box Set, both movies, and am, still after all these years, probably still a fanatic...

That's pretty damn impressive. I like Eva, but I like laughter too. I'm not saying your stuff is better than the original, but I AM saying it kicks serious ass. Funny and well thought out.

By the way...this is the first time I was ever able to hear "Giant Angel Killer Rei"'s song, Thanatos if I remember the name right, clearly. Thanks!


I'm a fan of NGE. But I'm not going to bitch at how you're ragging on it. I think this movie was funny as Hell.


is it that fun making fun of an awesome anime/manga? because this is just insulting. It seems you really don't understand the philosophy of Evangelion.