Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"

u guys are good

just as funny as the first

Even better than the first!

Oh my god, this movie is awesome! I think my favorite part is the music. That song is one of my favorite songs ever, and the best in Eva. I also loved how Rei was made fun of, as i absolutly despise her. Now i'm off to watch the next!


he just doesnt understand the creavity of people like us ( creativity ya tht word will work nicely there MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)


well, I must stick up for my favorite anime series, I will have to give you a 4. I just believe in my opinion that you are taking it out on a great series. I cant say that you probably didint like eva due to its hardhiting emotions and all that other stuff. I know of many people who ive shown the series to that still have puzzling questions. Its all a matter of self opinion. what upset me unfortuneatley is that u reminded me of my father when u look at somthing and dont see its true value. But as human beings we are entitled to our opinions, ours just happen to be opposites.


very nice work on matching lip movements with the song