Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"

reis hot

reis hot asuka better

stfu guy below me...

Rei is way to fuckin weird for me to comprehend in the anime...:)

it was an alright submission

For those who havent seen either ending....go buy the movie.
The ending is the most ****ed up thing I have ever seen. I'm not talking about the original episode 25 and 26, that got the writers death threats, lol. I'm talking about the movie, its freaking crazy.
Anyway, the flash wasnt too special to me due to the fact that 90 percent were just pictures with eye's and mouths added.
anyway, o well, lol


Great, now whenever I hear Komm Suesser Tod I will think of this rather than people turning into LCL... The cutting jobs were horrible and, overall, I really didn't like it.


this was cool. dont see why anyone wouldnt like it. good animation, good music, few funny things, etc. keep it up =)
-to HaloDaemon,
1:the world never blew up. it entered the deminsion of Nothingness.
2: yea, Gendo's old pair.