Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"

Good try

I love evangelion and i found this movie entertaining. I liked those faces you drew, they were funny. But there is still amelioration to do.

Fuckin A. man

Wow. you downloaded a bunch of rei pics (you get a 2 for graphics for at least laying off the hentai fanart) for laing off the hentai fanart tho), doodled googly faces on 'em and Kazaa'd the movie theme, and this is supposed to pass for funny? As Strong Bad (0Wnz j00) would say:

TENT responds:

well this is only my second pay out to evangelion and I thought it would not need much effort to pay it out I was incorect so I made a third evangelion pay out EVA 3 see profile

it's o.k i guess

well one thing is that there not her glass's

TENT responds:

ok i don't really care anyway its surposed to be funny


Rei's so sexy when she's drunk....Man, I was looking for a music video with Rei singing this song. Thank you again.. ^_^ Even though I like the show and you don't...Someone said if you have the time to think hard about it for a few days/weeks/years(lol) it would make sense. That's exactly what I'm going to do before I commit suicide(suicidal anime series..bah..). Aaaah! I love this..even though it isn't serious (which I would've really liked but didn't expect of course)
Nevertheless, it's funny, I guess...If I had to choose which of the three was my faoritees, it'd probably be this one. But I love all of them!

TENT responds:

its not meant to be sexy its showing shes insane shes drunk its a pay out!!

Pretty stupid...

I chuckled a bit but that was all. Still lame tho =P

TENT responds:

well thats your opinion