Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"


As an EVA fan, this is a pretty decent parody in my opinion. graphics are good for being made of only clips from the show. The music is excellent. Now I want to find this song! Tell me where you found it so I won't go crazy looking for it!

;-; I like rei.............

but I am very open to humor about her. that was a little much tho........ ;-; * cries * poor rei-chan * runs home *

So funny

I like this thingy, I like it very much. So much I sent it to all my friends who love/like Evangelion. ^^

Anime Purist...grow UP

This is a flash parody, point being...DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! You don't know if the author likes the series and as a fan can make fun of it because he has a sense of humor, or if he just doesn't like it. Either way its his opinion and you whining over a japanime and sending death threats is just childish and stupid.

it was amusing and weird but not impressive...which i think was the point right?
it reminds me of the 'spongemonkeys' which is why i laughed a little. i guess Rei is just easy to pick on...look at her! wait...all the characters are easy to pick on!
i think it would have been better to go over the pics in flash animation instead of using jpegs...

gave it a 7 because i like the authors humor and the songlol

Very godd

Great movie I like the carry on from episdoe 1 and I love the sinc of the mouths with the music espically the pars where its Rei and Rei/Lilith.
N.B. There not her glasses there Gendo Ikaris.