Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"


it sucks rei is not insane but the music is good

You're mean!

I'm sorry about the bad review but...that's simply harsh, I don't think Rei was that dumb-looking. =( Sorry...


WHOO! and fuck you Gemini_bloodian this dude did a good job and kicked major ass. He's the kind of people we need here at good 'ol newgrounds! So congrats on a good movies and gemini_bloodian your going right to hell and the devil and rip out your organs and feed then to his 7 headed horned dog.


Thank you for utterly destroying the elogance of Rei. By watching this, I've demeaned my intelligence.Don 't make any more of these, for all our sakes.

I like this one better!

man i'm still loving this song. but yeah this movie is great if your an Neon Genesis Evangelion fan. Everyone else will think your on crack :) but it's better if you've seen the show.. especially the "insane" movie to end it. so yeah I actually like this one better than the DX one because The actual pics from the show with the stupid eyes and mouth on them are halarious!