Reviews for "R.E.M. III"

Yet another great song!

Another great song from you!
Personally i think that the drum from 1:22 till bout 1:58 was D&B, but i have no problem with Drum&Bass.

Loved it xD

10/10 5/5


Excellent sound choices, particularly with that echo sound at 2:53. Nice solo. Props, man.


This is a techno song that turned epic, especially at the key changes, and my mood even changed along with it. You are amazing.

Nice! ^^

Very fast. good for a fight scene. But i do agree with puppet-master1 it's a little out off control.

Nice Job, though. u will never seize to amaze me. ^^ 5/5

this song felt like it was a little out of control

i liked it, but it was just a little much at the start. after that you got it back and busted out with an awesome piano, and insane guitar solos,the 2:45-3:18 melody wasn't exactly perfectly fit for the song though.