Reviews for "R.E.M. III"

Simply amazing

you are simply one kick ass dude!

Great potential, but could have been A LOT better

The kicks in with a very dark-mood theme which stays until about 1:10. This part is not too fascinating but a great launch into the song, the transition to the "happier" part fits well. It gets more captivating every second (which is imo a great song construction) and fades out slightly at 1:55 only to be taken over by a electrical guitar solo (and some of your electrical guitar solos are the best I've heard on NG) which at first sounds awesome but totally drops off at 2:10. From now on, it sounds disturbed end messed up. The solo could have been so fantastic but you just sorta killed it.
The rest of the song is quite good, but a bit boring. Maybe I only have this impression because I am disappointed by the butchered solo (yes, I DO love solos!).
Well, maybe you revise it someday.

Reminds me of RPGS...

Just fighting to the death on the cliffside of a... umm... cliff... anyway subtract ONE I from the name and its dedicated to me! XD well anyway great track mustve been hard to mqke and the guitar is AWESOME BUTTERSCOTCH YO (wat the heck does dat meen?)


well from 1:10 onwards its amazing

Great job!

Always reminds me of some sort of RPG fight on a subterranian railway, can't remember which one... Might be one of the Breath of Fire games... Anyway good track.