Reviews for "R.E.M. III"


Eeeeeeh, Lets CHeck The List Of Genres I Hear:
Rock, Trance, Thecno, RAVE, Pop? Dnb... Classical, errr... Ya Thats What I Get Outta My Head Right Now... Think Its Losa More...
1 Part Reminds Me Of Something... It OWNS.
Fits Good To RAMPAAAAGEEEEE BATLLE!!!!!! (lol >.<)
Love Ur Songs. Dont Stop!


This is just amazing!

So many genres and feelings in one song! Definitely one of my favorites from you, this proves you're talented in many other genres aside from hyperfast techno hahaha ^.~

Why havent you submitted anything new???

I will be waiting for your return ^^


Well Done

This brings a Crisis type event into mind...

I can admit

This isnt anywhere near your best work but its been voted your best. Infernoplex, Jetstream and Cloud Control are all better than this. I only gave it such a low score because I know how good you can get


This is my 1st review but I have listened to tons of songs. In fact i found newgrounds by looking up the music maker on that game particles. The song turned out to be twilight techno. I have listened to all of your songs. great work. I hope u make more master pieces.