Reviews for "R.E.M. III"


there are no words to describe it except PRO

Me Likey Very Much

I must say, this is, indeed, my favorite song by you. Very well composed; nice sound mixings.


Interesting beginning, I like the pause. I like the little background noises. It's kinda interesting how a random sounds just kinda jump in and out of the song, making it more of a song with every repetition. Once again, nice background sounds. Change in atmosphere, with a guitar in the background, I like it. The music softens up, and is beginning to intensify. Synth comes in... ooh spiffy! Pause, then guitar! ^ ^ I love your guitar, I wish I could play like that... It feels very Dimrain-y... a new synth, quiet this time, but very cool. It does the one-note guitar background... Ooh! I love the pause! Wow! Nice job on how the synth jumps in like that! ... Bam! Awsome ending!

i would love this even more

if it where on guitar hero :D this is very nice

Nice, I'm likin' it

This is pretty sick, I've always been a fan since about '05, and i still am. good song.

~BS Ninja