Reviews for "R.E.M. III"

One impressive solo

The opening is fine, the high energy is real nice, and you did a fairly good job of keeping up pace, but it felt like it was dragging from 1:22 - 1:57. I understand that's supposed to be your buildup, but honestly, the entire half of the song is nothing but a buildup till the solo starts.

Ripping damn good solo, I might add. Makes this whole song worth listening to, over and over again. The second solo was a nice touch, I definitely like that too, but too much of this song just felt like one big buildup for something that does not hit the climax you're preparing it for.

And the end of the song seems to build up into nothing. That was a bit of a disappointment, I gotta say.


Pros: Great bass line through the whole song which kept me listening and wanting more! An excellent beat.

Cons: NONE!

Inprovments: None that I can see.


Great song.

This is a very good song.
The power chords put on overdrive adds a more intense feel to the song.
The guitar solo part is very interesting.
Keep up the AWESOME work!

Very good

you did a very good job on this but i dont like the beggining.


i have no idea what to say about THIS