Reviews for "R.E.M. III"

idk how but this just sounds like a late 90s game battlesong

Go Dimrain!

Awesome job Dimrain! The melodies and instruments flow perfectly! 5/5 10/10
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-DJ Babokon (He didn't ask me to advertise, I'm just helping him out)

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This song remains to be one of my favorites here on Newgrounds (and I was lurking around here much longer than I've had this account, ahaha).

Classic Dimrain

The subtle, tight percussion, the fast moving melodies, Sytrus; I'd be able to tell who composed this any day. Great as usual, it's absolutely perfect as background music for any kind of fast-paced game. While I can't say I like FL Slayer, you managed to use it pretty decently. Great job!

OMG... I'm dancing... %u266A

So... Nothing to say, you're incredible... Make more stuff...