Reviews for "Walking Cycle for Dummies"

still no god damn help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant get any fucking help with flash!!!


Thnx, it really helps with the walking, although the looping movie(near the end). You can't actually download it. I didn't really want to download it concidering I have nothing to use it for. But I thought I'd point that out anyway..


I just started working with flash, so iam kinda lost in all the stuff, but u helped me out ALOT!!!!! gave u a 5, cause thats the highest =P

nice help for those who can't do walking animation

but due yur "help" file u gotta link too it an empty zip file...... fix it plz

these are pretty helpful for noobs

you have done greet so far, but could you also do a drawing body's for dummies?