Reviews for "Walking Cycle for Dummies"


I love this tutorial, it is helping me out alot. There is one problem though, I cant trace the whole walking dummmy. I only get the first frame. Is there anyway to fix this?


you.are.god (10/5)


you may not realize it you know , but what you do really makes a difference. i know have learned lots about flash from what i couldnt learn from books , websites. etc. i always thught " man it would be badass to see a video tutorial of a flash explaining how to shoot bottles or make a crosshair shot bottles , and it happened. great job and PLEASE keep making these. btw anyone wanting to learn more sothink.com you can take all flashmovies from this website and look at how they are made. great site

Not bad

This is great. Im just getting into flash and iv found this very helpful :D

very usefull

thank you!