Reviews for "Walking Cycle for Dummies"

Very helpful, but....

the link doesn't work to download the .fla. if you have it could you send it to me?



thanks very much

Nice one very helpful

Very nice im not new to flash jst never really used it and this tutorial is very helpful and constructive thanks, the only problem i had was with the link at the end, dunno wether thats jst me so jst check it out cheers.

i traced....

im now working on a flash called "THE" i hope that it will be front page... next to murloc(the best flash game ive played)and i want you to know i downloaded it... and am using it in my flash =p


Thanks man im terrible at walking cycle, this saved me


dude :'(

i expected to learn walking, i humilated myself. that was 12 mins wasted of my life