Reviews for "Walking Cycle for Dummies"

Very handy

for the last guy, you ever hear of movie clips?
i think not
and if you mean for each character then you surely don't have the patience for flash..


thank God for people who think of others. this tut is great and vrey helpful. now i can animate my characters :D. *happy*

Thnx to people like you!

Hat's off to people who make good tutorials - ive seen too many where the idea is to watch someone else do it and try to remeber it or simply copy and past - your tutorials have helped me a lot - especially the hand 1 - oh and in refence to the last post the L and R is right (Image you are the man - its HIS left leg, not your left hand side)

L and R mixed up!

you have left and right mixed up. right is -> and left is <-
its mixed up when you say left is bent right is straight. actually left is straight and right is bent. lol!

Not Bad

Not Bad