Reviews for "Walking Cycle for Dummies"


This helped me a lot. I like the fact that you showed carefully how each leg should look. This is very informative, nicely done, and people like myself will appreciate the fact that you respected the intelligence of the viewers while still holding their hands and showing them exactly what they need to know, rather than assuming that the audience is either already skilled at Flash (or, perhaps worse still, that we really are 'dummies'). I respect you for offering up your animation to trace for those who are starting out and need training wheels, so to speak. It takes a lot of guts to trust people not to take advantage of that generosity. Again, a great tutorial, possibly the best one I've read.


very informitive

good but...

..what if you want a person to walk across a screen, not just in the same place, without having to draw the legs and feet moving with each step...? Anyway this is alright, keep doin these tutorials.

great tut

Hey man, great tutorial. It really helped me, but the file wasn't working. Whatever I'll just try it by eye!


this walk cycle has really helped me out, i tryed it in flash and wala! it turned out pretty good for me, i appreciate you tutorials very much and i hope to see some more of them other than the ones you have now. Thanx