Reviews for "Mystery Gift"

This story was everywhere in times and places! My god! :D :O Anywho, this is pretty detailed as far as telling a story about Originality. The idea of this concept I didn't quite understand it all at first, but then i thought. Something that is found thats so unique looking and astoundingly different would make sense on how alot of merchandise these days on fake items of rare products are made....

Its different when you have the real thing indeed. One of kind something that can't be replaced or made by others even if it is.... Reguardless of how many years its been found or passed on to... it will never be the same as the original item.

Holy shit... such good story and execution of this flash.

Well done. I applaud you greatly. This really make you think on how this shit happens. XDD

Wow, I had no idea what was going on in this movie. It was just so insane it was hard to really understand it at all! At first, I thought it would just be a brief music video. It was anything but! You showed off so much wonder in this! I am quite glad that you put all this effort into it.

The animation is just gorgeous. Was it sending some message about consumerism? Maybe how technology dominates society? Eh, I'm probably looking too much into this. It's just great to look at.

What the fuck?

Wow, this movie sure makes your gears turn. I'm still trying to figure out what this movie is supposed to be about. I swear this series is messed up. But in a good way.

awesome dude

its 5:52 i havnt sleep for about 50 hours i think but ppl cmon those little (human's/kid's) are angels cant you see there is a halo floating above there head for the rest awesome flash

The Key Begins

Cool,,, Very Interesting,,,,, that Key went everywhere,,,,, I liked it,,, I would actrully like it more if I was really into it,, but Im not,,,,, but still,,,, Very Interesting,,