Reviews for "Mystery Gift"


You're a genius!
Great animation and nice music too!!
And I want Marcus Peblo 6!!

How'd he DO THAT?!

That was a stone cold trip. a flawlass flash toon with twilight zone logic.


wow dude, weird stuff. Very cool though.


Oh my gentle Jesus why did you spend so much time on something so pointless? I think I lost a few brain cells for actually sitting through the entire thing. The music almost drove me to tears after the 3rd time it repeated itself... the capabilities of Flash were manipulated well but I would hardly call it "animated". It's nice you are trying to do something different than the NG norm such as killing, stick men, etc... but start out slow... when you go this deep or artsy it just defeats itself. I'll watch Fellowship of the Ring if I need to see artsy and be bored, at least with it there is SOME action.


This is a keeper.