Reviews for "Mystery Gift"


To tell you the truth I had no clue what any of it ment...But I loved it, the music was kinda funky too. Anyways, awsome movie!

that was the best thing i have ever seen

dude, that movie rocked, it didnt have the typical humor or violence, but it still rocked. u got a lot of talent, keep up the good work.

Great Artistry, boring movie.

I LOVED the artwork and graphics, however, it was extremely boring as the movie goes. I think that is because the plot isn't really brought out. Your sound was quite good...sounded very original (did you create it?). I think that if you made the plot more clear it'd be better.

Other things you could do to improve:
-A little faster passed
-More foreground sounds and voices.
-Bring the plot out more either by explaining a story or some other way.


I love ur stuff! Marcus Peblo is like my favorite blocks of F-Toonz. And this just adds to it. Great job keep it up.

Pump this one full of +5 & 10's

Very Symbolic . . . of what? I DO NOT KNOW!
The key was a symbol of change i guess.

But this is good, if u think it sux, maybe u suck.