Reviews for "Mystery Gift"

One of the Best 2D Flash Graphics ever

This movie has the best animation ever seen with 2D Flash. Tom Fulp can't hold a friggin' match to Eric Black.


Awsome! Very visually pleaseing and made you think a little as well. Also kudos on the sound, too! Very Well Done!


As I started watching, the movie had a feeling that it resembled to something I've seen before. When the characters showed up, they resembled the character style from Marcus Peblo! (I read your movie comments after watching the movie)
Excellent job!
(note: I usually read the "Author's comments:" but many people don't and probably not familiar with Marcus Peblo. It may be better to mention that the key is from Marcus Peblo at the beginning of the animation.)
Keep up the great work!

Oh my god...

That was absolutely fantastic.

A Wonderful Sci-Fi Epic

For those of you who need a little interpretation help, the key is a metaphor for whatever it was that stopped humanity from getting it's ass kicked.

1- Little ape-thing. Running from T-Rex. Key saves it from getting eaten.

2- Ice Age. Stops humanity from freezing to death.

3- Industrial Revolution/New York. People make copies of the key and stop the world from getting taken over by an alien force.

After what looks/feels like the end of the Earth, the key transfers itself into another dimension, or space (which could be the space of another dimension) where an Angelical being (cherubim? seraphin?) gains ownership of it. The key is extremely ancient by now.

This movie reminds me a lot of A Wrinkle In Time. Especially the one-eyed key relating to that cherubim in one of the books. One of the best parts of your movies is definetly the sound. You deserve more!