Reviews for "Mystery Gift"


that was cute!!! me likey! (I still got the music in my ear...)


Man,what the...
that was messed up
it wasprobly one of those things where ya hadda think about
i didn't but thas ok! ^_^
right so
Grafix were good,and alot of it!
Sound,the music wasn't good,or cool or w/e
other than that,that was FREAKIN' weird!!

Awesome, but....you have to be stoned!

I think you'd have to be stoned to REALLY enjoy it. Can you imagine what that cartoon would look like when you're stoned? Oh man!!!

freakin groovy

Looks fantastic.Makes failing my course worthwhile(i should be studying right now) but its worth it


That was awesome! The animation was great! Keep up the good work!