Reviews for "Mystery Gift"


that was a cool movie, good graphics and music, but even after watching i still dont understand what the kubluka is, is it a metaphor for something, sorry i dont have a very artistic mind.


was that little baby at the end superman as a baby?

Pretty cool

Spiritual, mystical, etc. Should I mention I still don't get it? lol What is the other cartoon you've animated? You'll have us all if you made a cartoon that could be understood pretty easily and had a good plot.

more effort is needed

It was pretty good, although confusing, until you got to the Industrial part. It seemed that you lost interest there. It picked back up when you got to Roswell tho. Also, the part without any music- horrible! You should have re-looped the music or something. Alright, needs some work, but good job

nothing to say