Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Dreaming of Victory"

Excellent Piece

Good to see that you're putting up some new music. I loved it when the guitar came in.

How's Chuck's Nation doing?

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I try to make time :)
the band's dead right now, my drummer is in new york for a couple more months.
Later dude


When I usually listen to music, I just picture each instrument doing its own thing and I'll even admit that when I listen to other music with lyrics, I usually disregard the lyrics as words but an extra instrument and listen to the song as a whole (instrumentally.) If that makes any sense.

But um, when you said that this was reminescent of NIN, I immediately loved the song even more. I dunno, songs like this (a blend of guitar and ambience/piano) make me feel great and although this can be a song on is own, I also see it as an intro for something GREAT! This is great and now that you have your keyboard, I look forward to your future songs. You have just gone up two levels. Keep going man, you will go beyond.

Evil-Dog responds:

I could say that this is like NIN, only a million times worse haha I'll never compare myself to NIN, cause he's just...too good. I'll probably try to do something like that again. Thanks for the comments and all dude :)


This is so emotive and wondrous it just feels amazing. Do you play all of the instruments your self? If you do fuck me your good. Simply this is wonderful. The piano is awesome in so many ways i actually had a anal bleeding session while listening. I hope to see your stuff in a record shop near me soon. :)

My only gripe is that i personally wouldn't count this as ambiance, but what do i know? You are the master.

Evil-Dog responds:

Hey dude I'm super glad you like it too!
Yeah I play the pianos and the guitars, just not the drum and the rest, strings and stuff :)
About the genre, I had no idea where to put it? Classical? electric guitar and electro don't quite fit in, industrial? not sure? video games? meh! really I didn't know, so I went with ambient like my other stuff, I hope people won't bash on that aspect hehehe :)
Thanks for the comment man!

Like this a lot!

When the guitars kick in, it gets the super-epic feel. Really good variation on the piano tracks, but my only complaint is that the type of piano you used sounds somewhat generic... some more effects on it could sounds a tad better. Very minor complaint though, great job!

Evil-Dog responds:

Agreed! next time I'll try to dig deeper into the world of effects!
Thanks for the review!



honestly tho this sogn rocks - it sounds like something out of Xombie :P


much love

your friend


Evil-Dog responds:

Only Arnold Schartzeneger can have babies! sorry!
Thanks for the review oh great Ruler of the VG portal!

ps: not too much love please, my ass still hurts!