Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Dreaming of Victory"

very nice

makes me feel like im flying

Evil-Dog responds:

Nice :)

i must say

great work again i wish there where more artists like you around:) keep on making what ever pops into your head always be willing to try something new cept for gay sex or drugs....ok if you like gay sex go ahead but i doubt it xD

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks dude, that's a nice comment :) maybe except the gay part haha peace

*gets carried to distant lands*

Wow, new stuff from you! I like it a lot. Why don't you make some more... :P

Evil-Dog responds:

I'll try :)

2 for effort because...

this stuff seams so easy to you!!

and really, it rocks

how is punk-o-matic 2 going along and well i hope chucks nation is getting back together!


Finally Another Song

Haha Bad news about your band not being together right now, but glad to see you're still making great songs for me to listen to :D. This is a Great mix of Ambient and Metal music, I like the string / synthesiser right around the end of the guitar part, makes it sound so much better. This song is fantastic, looking forward to seeing at least a few more great ones from you man. Keep up the good / hard work.