Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Dreaming of Victory"

I'll Beat Up Anyone Who Zerobombed this Song!

Absolutely stunning, wouldn't expect anything less from Evil-Dog. From the piano intro, to the buildup and great guitar work, this song flows excellently. When the guitar comes in, it gives such an epic feeling I couldn't describe. Why on Earth this song is below a 5.00 is beyond me!



awsome, awsome, awsome.
one of the BEST song i ever heard! just too amazing.

btw, i wrote a whole song based on this song! if ya want to hear it, PM me.

just soooooooooooooooo great!!

nice song

What program do u use for ur ambient songs and stuff?

Evil-Dog responds:

Reason :)


Very good, I could say more, but that would take days to finish it all. One of your best, keep it up.


as to be expected from you, (i might even get addicted to this stuff)