Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Dreaming of Victory"

Story in the songs

I like it. For some reason I like alot of Evil-Dog's songs. I already downloaded My Heart Up Your Ass and Switch vs. Evil-Dog. I like Evil-Dog's songs because with it's like watching a movie with your ears, listening to a story of the past. Music that resembles great importance from events that have happened. Keep it up Evil-Dog! I'm one of your fans now!

Evil-Dog responds:

haha "it's like watching a movie with your ears"
that's awesome! best review ever :)

gave you a 5 vote and a 10 rating

This is an excellent tune .I especially like where all the instruments come in at approx 1:10 . The weak point of this piece as I hear it.... is the lack of melody
in the upper piano voice, it is too simple and repeats itself in the melody line which is basically a scale without imagination. Get more melodic in the upper voice and don't be so stiff. Put some emotion into it! You've got the composing talent..... This
could be a hit in my opinion. It is very powerful...it could be invincible!!!
Hope my opinion does not offend!!
Keep up the writing, you are talented.
Chris Bendo (BENDO)

Evil-Dog responds:

You're absolutely right
My roots are punk rock so I tend to repeat stuff more and be less progressive, it all depends on the inspiration of the moment as well but I think it's all coming together as I make more piece and learn from mistakes, can't make perfect pieces right away
Thanks for the non-offending comments :)

I agree with jimmy-o

This would definitely make a great song for a Flash fight movie. But it doesn't have to be like that. It could be two people, guy and girl for instance, possibly a little romantic scene, then when the guitar starts, the guy's enemy shows up and they fight. During the fight, the enemy kills the girl and the guy either beats the enemy or the enemy runs off. The last part is where the guy mourns the loss of the love of his life and again the last note is the fadeout. Jimmy-O's idea is better, but i still think this would be pretty cool.

Great song. keep it up!

Good 100% ohhhhhhh

this awesome i want the piano drums guitar i love it ohhhhhh yeah!!!!!!!!

Evil-Dog responds:


Superb once again.

This song could easily fit into a short flash about a fight. The beginning third could see the competitors warming up, going through final checks, and facing each other. When the guitar kicks in at 1:10, the fight would start, and we would see around 50 seconds of ass-kicking mayhem and carnage before a winner is called at 2:00, and we see the loser sprawled on the floor, knocked out cold or dead. The final 30 or so seconds would see the victor realise his win is a completely hollow one and that he needed the other person in some way. The final note on 2:33 would signal a fade-out, and the end of the Flash.

About the song itself, everything is sound in terms of playing, no missed or off-time notes can be heard. The mixing of the piano could be a little better, i.e. louder during the heavier parts, but apart from that slight criticism, I believe this is a truly awesome piece of work.

Well done once again, Evil-Dog, and may you continue to please the masses with your many, many talents!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it :)