Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Dreaming of Victory"


This could be used in the trailer of a movie or game and I would buy it just because of the music. It combines real soothing music in the beginning then throws in a little fast paced guitar that almost shocks you. Just great stuff.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nice :)

this u could used it in a very shocking endng

i think is kind of cool and very cool...u could used it in a very shocking dramatic ending movie.

Evil-Dog responds:

I hope someone do

Hewly sh1(letter after s)

Better make this a loop, and this could be a VERY good ending, intro. Keep it up!


This could be useful in many things, like intro's and so.
Too bad i'm not a flash author, i would use this melody then! :)

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah I hope someone will put it to good use


I quiet like this song, it speaks some sort of an ending. or a goodbye, anyway... it's very calming. but in my mind nothing is calm enough to make me relax, -_- I'm way too tense... anyway~...

~**Keep up the Good Work

Evil-Dog responds:

gotta learn to lean back and relax :)