Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Dreaming of Victory"


I love this song. I love it how the music starts all classy and then turns in to rock-n-roll like. Nice job.

10/10, my friend. 10/10


That song rocks.... I wonder if i could make sweet love to a song.... hmm....
LOL still great work dude!!! :D


shut up, you are a pro, in a rookie sort of way, and do you want to hear any of my stuff? if so, tell me, i need to show you a cool guitar trick i picked up, and i love this one, its the best of your work, in my opinion

sweet song

come listen to my songs sometime if u got the time thanks. as always great work!


AWESOME JOB, but how do u make music and then submit it?

Evil-Dog responds:

You make the music....well....many ways....recording instruments....sampling instruments in reason or fruity loops or other software...and you submit it through the Submit COntent! button at the top of the website