Reviews for "Metaljonus-Skychasezone"




I'm a huge Sonic fan and this song brought back some nice memories. I don't like heavy metal at all, but this song is just amazing. Nice work. You WILL be famous!! Rock on!!


Absolutley awesome piece man. Keep it up!

But to suspened....I think he's using a program for all his music lol

JonSantiago responds:

LMAO! Playing it is more fun than programing imo :)

haha, you've got to be kidding me

hahaha what? this has got to be the coolest remix I've seen in my life. you took the most lullably-esque childish sounding melodies(which I must say is my second favorite sonic track) in the world and make a good sounding metal remix of it! unreal!

the verse section of the song I didnt care for too much, but it definetly sounded cool. the first section in the start of the song sounded like a new age punk type of dealy with those blast beats and fast paced power chords. the second phrase was sick as hell! love the tremolo picked riff, very nice lead guitar harmonization. once again, great job on nailing the riffs, and great wrapping up of the songs with the pickslides. Love the drum programmin in here, it kinda had a heavy metalish style with some punkish roots to. love the snare fills!

you're an oustanding guitar player, sounds like you've perfected the tremelo picking technique, and you are great at harmonizing, even tho in this song there was a couple of pieces where the harmonizing was slightly off. during the chorus, some of the notes get kinda jumbled in the mix(specifically, some of the cymbals during the fast parts of the songs)

also, some kickass guitar sounds in here too once again, they arent cheap at all and well suited for metal. you're lead guitar tones tho, still sound just a small tad too low. youve got some good drum samples utilized in here too, but they could use some tweaking...I can hardly hear your bass kicks, either that or they arent sculpted enough..just in the first half of the mix tho with the blast beats and double bass riff. the right (china?) crash cymbal could be a bit louder.

one thing that I missed were some squealing pinch harmonics, and a nice metal solo! also, I think if you did a downtempo riff of the song, added some dissonant touches ot the mix, it would have sounded TRULY kickass and \m/. regardless, you still captured the feeling of the song, and did an excellent job of it.

thanks to you and other metal artists at NG I am starting to appreciate metal again!


i dont know wy i just had to listen to this over and over again. i'm oficialy a fan, dude!!! your best song.