Reviews for "Metaljonus-Skychasezone"


only1decoy has a horrible taste in music but even he can see the superiority of metaljonus and his covers, 1 thing cover the super sonic theme from sonic 2 before i beat u to it

pretty good

im not into metal too much but this is really good
im into Linkin Park with the hot bass beats and rock
keep it up man

I agree with Sirlon

Begravelse you need to learn what it takes to make a song of that calibur.
To Metaljonus good job amazing work. Can't wait to hear more.

Pretty damn sexy!

Screw what that dickhead said about 'power metal wankery', it takes a certain magic to make a decent song in that style. Kudos dude! Loved every minute!


that was the most upbeat thing i have heard in like 6 months lol its like a rpg game where theyre like screw what he told us lets go back for him music lol tho as a song i could see improvements with jsut a nudge of tweaking its overal not bad tho