Reviews for "Metaljonus-Skychasezone"


i would love to know how do u do to make such an almost perfect quality T_T...
Of course a 5/5 !!!

Damn man

Man, what can I say? I mean.."WOW". How's that. haha. I see we both submitted two today. Hopefully this will give a couple days grace before the 0 voting fucks come along.

Excellent tune man. Thanks for the freebie!!
I'd hate to do this, but I'm curious on your thoughts on my 2 newest ones. If you could pop by, be greatly appreciated.

So...with the self whoring out of the way haha....only one thing left...

Thanks for your vote, Bad-Man-Incorporated! You voted 5 for Metaljonus-Skychasezone, keeping its score at 5.00.