Reviews for "Metaljonus-Skychasezone"

Extremely awesome!

The rhythm of the drums rule! I like the cymbal work going on in the song. The guitars are pretty damn good. Guitar tone rules! I'm really impressed by the drums for the most part. Love it!

No Way!

I don't know if you knew this, but someone made a custom Guitar Hero Chart for this song. (For GHIII PC or GH2 on PS2) Lol

It's fun to play, but it's a bit too short...and thus impossible to score all that many points, but I never realized you were a newgrounds artist lol :)

Btw, your music Rox :)

This is my favorite song from sonic 2 and you...

did it proud, though it's kinda different that what i was expecting when i searched for it. I've heard your other sonic submissions and this fits in nicely. I've been a bit of a fan of yours for the last year or so.

the only thing i seem to never find on newgrounds is music that actually "kicks" in the bass department. I'm not sure if it's a website compression thing, the program people use to make the music, or my not-so-amazing computer speakers. I'll test this and a few other songs in my car later.

Back to your song, it's nice to hear your take on it. you've got my vote and download :)

This is awesome!

This is what it would have been if tails was an F-22 Pilot, instead of the slow ass tornado...rofl! It doesn't fit to the level, but it's one hell of a remix!


*bow* Thank you. this is awesome, friend!