Reviews for "Metaljonus-Skychasezone"

Notbad could be longer though

This seemed abit on the {SHORT} side, its nice work dont get me wrong, i like it, and like how you just started into things didnt mess around at all and that wa sprobably what i liked about it mostly so really nice job there, the {DRUMS} and {GUITAR} was really good with this, but again this was just too short and lacked variaty, the guitar and drums were awsome, but still felt it needed that extra puch that would have set the tone for a more perfect feel, also adding onto it with some depth so that its abit longer would also help to improve on this. so anyways good start but in the end needs more effort.

A good track but needs to be longer, needs more depth and while the drums and guitar are great still needs more variaty of instraments

Eggman your time has COME!

super saiyan Death Metal Hedgehogs of the world, UNITE!

man.. three years later i still have to give props

i remember hearing this track when i first started posting on Ng.
and bro i just have to say, this shit is still probably the most underrated sonic cover on this site.
pure Fu*k%&g amazing

~Dj Sonik


That's without a doubt the happiest sounding guitar I've ever heard! You really gave this an emotional punch and rich sound, while maintaining the heavy style that is your name and trademark. The result is Sonic and friends, all in Kiss outfits, jumping off cloud 9, soloing and shouting out in euphoria! :D

This absolutely and beautifully kick-ass. I will sorely miss you and don't know if you'll ever read this. But I hope you never stop rocking!



You were right, you did fuck it up, but in a good way. Love the remix, and I never would have though the Sky Chase song could sound so epic. You should try a Grave Matters Metaljonus remix. Grave Matters is a song from a Sega Genesis game called Light Crusader.