Reviews for "Marble Trap"

I like the game itself, but I don't like the controls. Having to push 2 buttons to go straight.

Super duper. My only (minor) complaint is the marble controls reacted a little counterintuitively for me.

Very addicting. After the first level, I felt like I needed to keep going.

It's not working for me, I can only see the settings button and the twitter and steam buttons.

This is very well made. I thought it was going to be easy in the beginning since you could wait as long as you want for a good chance to move... but that gets solved somewhere around level 9. :) There's a good variety of obstacles, the difficulty curve is well-done, and there's a lot of nice touches, like the cannons emitting a puff of smoke before they fire to make it more skill and less guesswork. The music's a good fit, and overall, it's just a great game of this style.

As others have said, a speedrun mode for the whole game would be a nice addition, but that's about the only thing I can think of that's missing.