Reviews for "Marble Trap"

This was one of the funnest games I've played in a long time. I do feel the difficulty scaled up a little too high too early on, but despite that I played through all 24 levels to completion(my time was 10:10, though I paused after level 20 to give my wrist a chance to recover, and when I resumed after about twenty minutes the last four medals did not unlock).

I'll likely come back to this again down the road, but for now I really enjoyed it.

Edit: Yup, I came back a while later and started on level 21 again and it updated correctly after clearing those stages again. Could have done a little faster on 23 I think it was but overall this was a very satisfying experience.

Es un poco complicado de controlar en algunos puntos, pero incluso cuando estás a punto de caer, si hay una parte con baranda e puedes salvar solo como si te aferrarar por la orilla.
Me agrada la dinámica del juego.

You're getting better at making games!

Marble Madness was a great game (although only the arcade game, NES, and Genesis ports -- there were plenty of awful ports). Likewise Super MonkeyBall was a great game.

I wish the controls in this would be more what they are in Marble Madness but unfortunately they are not, but that's not a take-away point from this game. I take it the controls are supposed to be part of the challenge.

Super good. This should get saved as opposed to getting blammed.

This is really fun! You should release this onto Playstation Network! The trophies / achievements alone would be reason enough to buy it, let alone the gameplay and ost.