Reviews for "Marble Trap"

it's very addictive

fun game
nice physics and visuals
levels where decent but would have liked
one really hard one because most of the levels can be speedruned
was a lot of fun

Nice and simple. I really enjoyed the room for error like fence hugging or bouncing off edges.
Also there is nothing stopping you from moving forward unless you are to slow which is a big + in my book!

quite nice. really liked the music.

if i had any complaints it would be that it was a tad too easy. i haven't finished it yet (just beat 9 levels in a quick sitting.) will be back to try more later.

Great game! I love the mechanics, plays nice, good level design, nice obstacles, very difficult (took me about an hour), and just a fun time in general. Overall it's a solid 4.5/5. Nice work!