Reviews for "Marble Trap"

That was freaking incredible! I was just blown away by how complex it got! There were some levels that I died literally dozens of times on, but I kept going! The game's so good I was motivated to complete every last level. I finally beat it! I think I may have thought of creating a game just like this.

It was a golf course. This was kind of like a golf course! I was so good at it I beat the last level on my first try! It was far from the hardest of course. Hmm, not really a racing game. Thank you for this wonderful game!

Awesome tunes, awesome moves (plays very well,) and very pleasing art.

The style of this game is super simplistic and enjoyable. The only thing that's missing is some variation between the spikes, cannons, and swinging axe. As the levels go on longer, you could've made more difficult versions of the same obstacles.

Seriously enjoyed playing!

The game is great and the music too. I got some lag freeze from here and there but I managed to finish levels kinda well beside those spikes.

I already see this game getting speedrunned, just needs a bit more of optimization. Music is good and the physics too. The colour qualité and the animations are not the best nor the worst.

I found a bug in this game:

If you've just finished a level and you press the "Settings Option", the scene fades to black and it gets stuck black and never come back.

♥ Luv from GlitchyDust ♥

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Oh boy, here i go dying again

finna speedrun