Reviews for "Marble Trap"

having the arrow controls be 45° to the maps is just evil and i love it. Suprisingly solid physics leading to some funky ways to finish a level

it was pretty easy and fun, i enjoyed it.

Solid marble game! Loved going through all of the courses as the controls felt really tight and satisfying to navigate with. The only obstacle I really had difficulty with was the cannons: sometimes they were just a bit too random to play around which caused some annoyance (I eventually noticed the smoke, but it's a bit too subtle to work with). All in all, I had a good time.

Nice fun little game. I managed to beat every stage under 40 seconds first try. Took about half an hour to complete. Very well made and I love the Marble Madness style the game has going for it. If you did a sequel I would introduce jumps and other air tricks.

Great game! The controls are mad tight and a cowboy run and gun playstyle is hella fun