Reviews for "Sublo & Tangy Mustard #12 - Sublo's Sandwich"

Those backgrounds are flippin fantastic.
Welcome back!

The background was quite nice here. However, I feel like there wasn't really a punchline in this entire thing. I guess it being underwhelming made it relatable to Sublo's experience. Still though, I was expecting more. I thought I'd see Tito with a mannequin or something being the girl. Tangy Mustard getting the salad was pretty funny and I liked Tito's nonsensical train of thought and the ants crawling around though. The opening lines seemed a bit mumbled.
There was just a real missed opportunity here, a part of the plot that has nothing to do with anything.

your acting and design is so tight !

This episode is great! The comedy is still one of the best from any cartoon show I've seen! Keep up the great work!

I knew and was confident it that it would be good so I rated it before watching it hahahaha