Reviews for "Sublo & Tangy Mustard #12 - Sublo's Sandwich"

The ending has got to be the best part of the episode. Not really much to say, but it was kinda boring... I still enjoyed it!


Lettuce salad is the best ballad though. XD Such a random little glimpse into the lives of these two yet again, yet in a place that seems to be high competition to their own home base... wonder if there might be something about that later on. Good fun, though almost seems it's cut short a bit. Bit short. Ant problem left unmanaged and all. But then again the mysterious workings and endings of these here episodes are part of the charm, Parmesan...


This shit's hilarious. I'd ragequit too if anyone I knew ordered me a salad after telling them to get me whatever else is good.

Now I need a Sandwich!

I loved sublo's reaction with lettuce. Someday he will learn to appreciate lettuce... haha
Btw when I saw the ants scaling through Tito's body and I imagined what if one ant makes all the way entering through Tito's mouth and leaving through the left ear or entering the ear and leaving through the nose... that' be pretty fun to see hahah
Amazing episode, can't wait for episode 13!