Reviews for "Sublo & Tangy Mustard #12 - Sublo's Sandwich"

this looks amazing!

Love this show. I can See this Being On CN.

What?! I've got notification turned on for you on YT and it didn't come up! Glad I've finally seen the latest one and it's amazing as per usual. Keep it up Aaron

aalong64 responds:

Thanks! It's frustrating how companies like youtube and facebook sabotage people seeing stuff even when they subscribe/like pages specifically to do that!

Loved seeing this on YouTube, and now I can 5 star it here too. You do fantastic work my dude, I really do enjoy these slice of life episodes.

aalong64 responds:

Thanks! That's good to hear, I know some people aren't as much into the short slice of life ones-- but I do think they help ground the characters and world.

"Okay, what kind of salad is it?"
"Uhh... Lettuce."

That was hilarious! XD