Reviews for "Sublo & Tangy Mustard #12 - Sublo's Sandwich"

Hey atleast his salad’s still good, I assumed we would see Tito’s girl.

aalong64 responds:


When Subnautica comes to KFC

was expecting a bit more. This seems like 1/4 of a toon. Nothing really happens. But in the grand scheme of things i could potentially see this as a mini-episode of sorts thats just a setup to future episodes in the series. But by itself its just sorta whatever. As always the animation and voice acting real good, and the 'vibe' is nice and chill. Doesnt seem like its a rushed episode, but rather an episode that shouldve had more to it if you know what im saying.

aalong64 responds:

Yeah I know what you mean. This was one of a few episodes for this batch/ season that were planned to be quick easy ones. They're more like little vignettes than fully fleshed-out stories. I did it partially to minimize long gaps between big episodes, and also I believe that when taken as a whole series, the short sketches would deepen your connection to the characters and show you more of their daily lives, so you're more invested in them for the big stories.

In practice there's been a mixed response to the short episodes though-- I guess because I presented them as regular episodes. You're right, maybe calling them mini-episodes would be better. I guess it's too late for this one, but I can understand the frustration. Thanks very much for commenting!

Those damned ants!

Glad to see you still cranking these out. One of my favorite series on Newgrounds right now :D

Keep at it,