Reviews for "Sublo & Tangy Mustard #12 - Sublo's Sandwich"

love it

Another amazing episode!

binge watched every episode also if you helped direct bojack horseman can you give me leaks about the new season ill give you a nickel $$$$$$$$

aalong64 responds:

well I’m really not supposed to… but okay fine. Season 6 spoilers:
episode 1 Bojack gets tattoos on his knuckles that say “HORS” and “EMAN”
episode 2 Diane eats a whole watermelon for dinner.
episode 3 Todd goes to town.
episode 4 Bojack & PC play Sonic 2. It freezes at Sky Chase Zone, Bojack smashes it.
episode 5 Mr. PB has to unclog his sink, hilarity ensues.
episode 6 Bojack buys fifteen dollars worth of Fuzzy Peaches.
episode 7 Pickles takes an uber all the way from LA to Bakersfield, gets hooked on jenkum.
episode 8 Todd helps Bojack escape Dog the Bounty Hunter, who is an actual dog.
episode 9 Bojack lays low in Bakersfield, finds Pickles and helps her kick the jenkum.
episode 10 PC tells her assistant to order anything but Papa John’s, he orders Papa John’s.
episode 11 Bojack thinks about his past, maybe takes drugs.
episode 12 Bojack completes Sonic 2 on his own, has an uplifting moment.

Sublo been through a lot lately.
What's his favorite hobby?

aalong64 responds:

Sublo likes retro games, anime, 90s comedies by SNL cast members and horror movies. He wants to get into collecting vinyl records but all the albums he wants are too expensive. He likes old-school hip-hop and new wave.

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