Reviews for "Monster Mashing Deluxe"

What did i just play?
4/5, would attempt to understand again

Interesting mechanics and solidly addictive. Maybe more variety in content?

it won't fully load for me don't know if its my computer or my internet but i'll still give it a five star! :D

Not too bad but if the point of the game is the sexy monsters, you should leave them on screen for longer, give them more suggestive poses and include other parts of the female body :3

25,128, w00t! That aside,

I've seen games of a similar premise in the past, so if I'm being honest I'm not all that impressed. That having been said:

It's at just the right amount of challenge to where you can get a pretty good score once you find the speed you're comfortable at moving forward at. Most games of this kind don't have that, and only get faster and faster.
The little looping tune it has feels familiar, but I don't know where I've heard it in the past. Given that this is as short/simple a game as it is, it only having one song doesn't really surprise or bother me, but if you're a player that's much better at this than I am trying to get a better score that 40 second or so tune looping over and over would get old real quick.
Could have used just a tad more variety in the monster encounters, but again: simple game, simple premise.

Other than that, controls were simple, not too hard to dodge past obstacles...It's not bad. Not a great game, but not bad by any stretch.